Hello there, I am Guido!

I am a third-year PhD Economics student at the European University Institute. My advisors are Russell Cooper and Giancarlo Corsetti. My research interests lie in between Macroeconomics and Industrial Organization, using tools from the networks literature.

Before joining the EUI I worked as a pre-doctoral Research Assistant at IESE Business School for Carles Vergara and Núria Mas.

You can find my CV here.

Work in Progress

Crushing the Competition: the Pro-Competitive Effects of Relative Performance Evaluation (with Bruno Pellegrino and Shihan Shen)
Presentations: 27th SIOE Annual Meeting 2023
Relative Performance Evaluation (RPE) is a common feature of executive compensation contracts that is used to incentivize managerial effort. A side effect of RPE that is lesser-known (yet trivial to prove theoretically) is to alter product market conduct, as it provides a motive for managers to hurt competitors’ profits rather than pursue the maximization of their own firm’s profits. To quantify these effects, we build a general equilibrium model of oligopoly with GHL demand and ultra-realistic managerial incentives. In our model, the pro-competitive effects of RPE increase with the assortativity between the network of product rivalries and the network of RPE benchmarking relationships. To construct the latter, we undertake a massive data analysis effort to process highly-unstructured data from over 15,000 executive compensation contracts. We then use our model to quantify, firm-by-firm, the effect of RPE on the firm’s supply decisions, allocative efficiency and consumer welfare.

Sectoral Policies in the EU (with Tuna Dökmeci)


You can find me at the following contacts. I am happy to connect and talk about research, collaborations, grad school, and how to cope with the fact that Jannik Sinner has not yet won an ATP Masters 1000 a Slam two Slams (hopefully also this pun will last very little but now it turned into a tradition).


European University Institute
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Email: guido.bongioanni@eui.eu
Github: https://github.com/bonogg
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